Through observations, developmental knowledge, cultural awareness and a friendly and open approach to our daily interactions, we provide an environment that is open, warm, safe and caring for the children and their families.

We ensure that we treat all children and family members equally and with respect, regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status, ability or religion. We take pride in our inclusive nature and we foster a sense of belonging to this community.

We pride ourselves on having a low staff turnover, and a staff to child ratio that is better than the recommended ratio.

As a minimum, most of our staff hold the following qualifications:

  • Working With Children’s Check
  • First Aid Level II Certificate
  • CPR
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Asthma
  • Food handling
  • Qualifications in Childcare

At Wandana Avenue Early Learning & Kinder we believe that the role of an educator is to provide an environment that caters for the individual needs of the children and the families. As educators, we follow the South Australia Early Years Learning Framework and work with the Code of Ethics.

Educators continue to further develop their skills and knowledge through self-reflection, readings and research, and professional development.


Carolyne (Carol) Westbury - DirectorCENTRE DIRECTOR
Carolyne Westbury


My name is Carol and I am the director at Wandana Avenue Early Learning and Kinder.

I hold a Diploma of Children’s Services and have been working in the sector since 1997.

Throughout the years I have been a team leader working with both Nursery and Pre-kindy aged children. I gained the position of 2IC at one of our sister centres before I was offered the director’s position here at Wandana Ave in 2013.

I have three adult children whom my husband and I enjoy spending time with. We support and take pleasure in attending their extracurricular activities along with time spent up the river with the boat and social outings. I love traveling overseas as well as weekend 4×4 adventures.

My role here is incredibly rewarding and I feel very privileged to be a part of the children’s journey from nursery through to them heading off to begin their formal schooling. Building trusting and nurturing relationships with the children, families and the wider community are a priority for our team and creating a warm and inviting environment for the educators to spend their day.


Chelsea Palmer


My name is Chelsea Palmer and I’m the Assistant Director and also work in the Nursery at Wandana Avenue Early Learning and Kinder. I gained my Diploma of Children Services in 2011.

I started my journey in childcare in 2008 as a Trainee at our sister Centre Tension Place. There I undertook many different roles such as an Assistant and Team Leader in the Pre Kindy Room. I then came over to Wandana Avenue ELK to further my skills as an Assistant Director.

I really enjoy coming to work and putting in 100% to watch the children grow and develop into enthusiastic learners.


Ellise Hart - ECTTEACHER
Elise Hart


My name is Elise hart and I am the early childhood teacher at Wandana Avenue early learning and kinder. I have a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) in which I studies at the University of South Australia, and completed at the end of 2015.

I have a passion for working with children, particularly the younger years, as it is such an exciting and important time in a child’s life. The first years of a child’s life is when some of the most important learning and development occurs while the brain is developing, making teaching such an important role.

I enjoy working with children because each day offers something new, whether it be challenges or accomplishments and I find myself learning new things everyday about the children, myself and my role as a Teacher. My goal is to provide children with a nurturing, stimulating and learning environment in which they feel safe and secure to explore and learn something new each day.


Katie Blades - CookCOOK
Katie Blades

My name is Katie and I am the Cook at Wandana Avenue Early Learning and Kinder. I have been working here for the past two and half years as the Cook only.

My previous experience of being a Cook comes from aged care, where I worked in a nursing home for four years. I also am a mum of three children and as a mum cooking is always high on my priorities.

My favourite dishes to make at the centre are salmon patties, chicken chow mien and the classic sausage sizzle.

I really enjoy cooking experiences and going into the rooms with the children and having them mix the ingredients and also cracking open some eggs or pouring in some milk etc. then watching their faces one their food is cooked.

Being a cook at the centre or at home with my children is a very rewarding and challenging job which I thoroughly enjoy every day.